Jordana Gerlach moved to the Austin, Texas area from Oshkosh, Wisconsin where she was born and raised. In Austin she began to study fused glass at Helios Fused Glass Studio through the Austin Museum of Art. It was instant passion for this exciting art form. She continues to take classes at Helios in order to expand her knowledge by learning new applications and techniques. 

Her second passion is love of animals. She has owned  quarter horses since 1999 plus adopted a puppy in May, 2019 from Lucky Lab Rescue. 

In order to become a stronger horse rider she joined the local workout center as well. Her days are filled with fused glass projects, time with her pets and staying fit.


Jordana is active with  
Helios Fused Glass Studio ( heliosglass.com ) 
      Artists Sunday   https://artistssunday.com